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Bad Effects Of Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

You will see many campaigns being held for helping people to stop smoking, but still there are one out five men and women in America still smoking. Effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes are not good. Especially your oral health is much deteriorated. There are very serious periodontal (surrounding the mouth) and oral cancer risks. The very vivid characteristic of the smoker is yellow teeth. This color is formed on your teeth due to deposition of tar from cigarette on your teeth.
Cigarette smoking makes you feel relaxed from stress. It is bit addictive, but it gives you a break from your busy schedule, they who to stop smoking? You might be wondering. Every smoker thinks that he or she is not addictive to it, or he or she is not smoking much, but it is not true. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is an addictive habit due to presence. Of nicotine and other harmful chemicals which are powerful addictives.

There is a high risk of periodontal disease. This disease causes infection to the bone and gum that supports the teeth. There is a high possibility of esophagus, tongue and larynx cancer. Therefore, as you can see, our oral health is very distinctly affected with smoking.

Your mouth always gives out smoky odor, which is very repulsive to others. The notches in the teeth are filled with the cigarette tar and they become discolored. This condition is very popularly known as smoker's teeth.

If you have made a decision to stop smoking, then first you deserve a good pat on your shoulders. There are very useful methods of stop smoking you can get from internet, and also there are professional organizations that will make this phase less exhausting.

Some people go cold turkey, which means you entirely stop smoking. It is very tough decision. But you can try to find out some alternatives like you chew on some gum or candy in order to over the smoking craving. You feel some strange feeling in your mouth, due to lack of cigarette. Chewing on something will help you fight this feeling.
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methods to stop smoking
You can try nicotine patches, lozenges, gums, which has very small quantity of nicotine. This will help you to control your craving, but you need to reduce its usage gradually. There are non tobacco cigarettes or herbal cigarettes available in market, which are great methods of stop smoking. You can get very good inspirations nonsmoker's blogs which you can read online.

You must remember that it is always better late than never. Therefore, it is good that you are trying something than just holding on the thought of quitting. The effects of smoking tobacco cigarette are very serious, and so quit smoking is always a good decision no matter what.